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Digital Download: Family Tech Use Contract


A 3 page tech use contract for ALL members of the family. It spans from tech free zones to consequences for breaking the agreement. You will NOT regret doing this exercise!

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Technology use is a hot topic in my practice… and my home! Mamas and papas, this topic extends from your relationship with each other as parents, to your relationship with your children, as well as with each family members’ social circles.  I suggest all families make a tech use contract. Sit down together and draft up a contract that clearly states tech-free areas in the home, tech use and tech-free time frames, when cell phones and tablets go to bed at night, and more. Use the template provided here! You can personalize it to your family and put up somewhere everyone in the home can see it! In creating this contract with your children that attends to your concerns regarding their use of technology, you must also address what your children expect of your use of technology. Many children and teens express frustrations with parents who check their cell phones for texts during dinner or when watching their child perform.