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Digital Download: DIY Buddha Bowl


Learn how to make your own buddha bowl (also known as glory bowl, rainbow bowl, etc) with this Infographic PLUS recipe bonuses!

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Buddha Bowl. Glory Bowl. Hippie Bowl. Whatever the name, the nourishing value is full on!  When people use the words “Buddha bowl” it’s often to describe a deep bowl overflowing with vibrant food. Buddha bowls are hearty dishes made of greens, raw or roasted veggies, legumes, spices, grains and pseudo-grains, nuts, seeds, and dressing. Full of texture, colour, scents and flavour, it’s tough NOT eating these bowls mindfully! The buddha bowl is traditionally a vegan bowl, but eating mindfully means listening to your body, your cravings, and not so much to your mind which may be labelling food “good” or “bad”.